Our Promise to Clients

We named the Company, Fin Freedom, it means financial freedom. We have built the Company on a simple principle, ADD VALUE TO PEOPLE LIVES. As a financial advisor or financial planner, we have to be REAL with VALUE and deliver MEANING in our financial planning work that we do for our clients.

Our Corporate Values

Gratitude, Giving, Group Unity

Our Motto

Together We Progress

Our Culture

We run our financial planning business like running a family. Everyone to us is our family member. Business partners and clients are our brothers and sisters and staff and advisors are our children. We, the Management are the parents in the family. We provide encouragement, support and guidance that inspire our staff and advisors to aspire to work on something great in life. The same go to our business partners and clients to live a more happy and balanced life. On 3 Nov 2014, we launched our first monthly loving breakfast session. Since then, we served free and warm breakfast to all our staff and advisors on every 1st Monday morning of the month.

Our Financial Advisor

Our advisors share common values and believe. Through a series of disciplined and guided training and coaching programs, our advisors make every effort to build a long lasting success relationship with their clients, offer neutral and tailor-made financial solutions that best suit clients’ financial needs.

Our Business Model

We are a great and profitable financial planning company.

Our Practice Model

Be REAL, be CARING, be a man of VALUE.